Branding and logo usage for business incentive and consumer promotions

The following is information regarding the JCPenney logo and brand name use for any advertising or marketing campaigns.

  • In order to ensure consistent graphic standards of the JCPenney logo, please provide a PDF of the materials prior to distribution. The JCPenney style guide, logos, card images, marketing copy, terms and conditions and store descriptions are available online or we are happy to provide them to you.
  • If your company is awarding JCPenney gift cards to consumers or potential customers via a promotional tie-in, please allow 30 days for JCPenney approval of all areas of brand usage in program elements.
  • If your company has an established business relationship with the card recipients, i.e. employees, customers, clients, etc., you may use the JCPenney logo to promote your program.

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